Secrets of the Deep...
By SummerSurfs
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Born with a passion for the water and a remarkable talent for swimming, it's no wonder that Rayne Bennett spends more time in the pool than she does on land. But when family secrets become unearthed and lies are uprooted, Rayne realizes that her passion for the water goes farther back than she could have ever imagined. When Rayne finds herself moving back to her quiet birthplace of Shady Cove, things start to unravel even faster. What really happened to her mother, who had (supposedly) been killed thirteen years ago? Why does Rayne feel such an intimate connection with the ocean? The answers, as she will soon find out, come at a cost so great that her life-as well as the lives of those she loves-is in grave danger. Though she doesn't know it, Rayne is the key to unlocking the mysteries that dwell just beneath the ocean's surface. She is the answer to the secrets of the deep. [ adventure #5, fantasy #6 ]

Chapter One

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Secrets o...
by SummerSurfs