Partners In Crime {...
By jadenwritess
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'How dare I? Think of another woman whilst mine was six feet underground with my child! Heck, she was probably involved in it. I could feel my anger rising, and I had to do something about it before I exploded. Before I could think any further, my first was at a nearby wall, my teeth were grinding tightly together and I saw my own enraged reflection in a laminated poster. ' The Five Points, a world famous gang that recruits only who is worthy. Tasks are set and lives are lost, either to death or utter insanity. Angelica 'Misty' Castanova, a worthy recruit. Michael Jackson. A victim. He is constantly on the run, having a break only when he is surrounded by people like him, at none other than the Club 30s. Though one task is set, a task that will change his and her lives forever. "Don't shoot to kill."

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by jadenwritess