Behind you #Wattys2...
By Ilovefingerprints
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The car pulled up closer and closer, I squint to look at my new house. My heart stops when I lay my eyes on it. Because one of my fears are creepy old houses. This one is made of beat- up wood planks, and really old would be an understatement. No I can’t live here. I just can’t. I don’t know what’s in there. All I know is that it’s not something I’d like to see. Molly McAllister, a 17 year old girl, is forced to move to an old dark house, when she totally loved her apartment, but she never knew that this house has a secret. There are four apparitions in this house, spirits that died long ago, Molly is fine with that after a while of getting used to, but each of the ghost are very different, and two of them really are going after her. And Molly has no idea about all the other hidden secrets in that house, and around that house! And she's about to find out. You're about to as well. Click Start Reading. }:) © 2013, ilovefingerprints. All rights reserved.

Behind you

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Behind yo...
by Ilovefingerprints