How To Be Successfu...
By Author_Annie
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This book was made to help struggling writers with great talents achieve their goals of getting their book popular on wattpad. You might not get one thousand views in one day, or even twenty, but if you tried your best, that is all that matters. Here is an example: My mother spent a long time writing a book, and when she was done writing it, barely anyone bought it. Do you want to know what she did? She tried her best to get her book out there, by following these basic guidelines. She did it. Now, her book is number one on Amazon and is on the New York Times Best Seller list. She has 48 5-star reviews on Amazon, and about 4 thousand people buy her book per week. She did this within 4 months. How did she do this, you ask? She accomplished this by following these very basic guidelines.

1. The Profile Picture

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How To Be...
by Author_Annie