Libidinous Series 4...
By JellyAcecake
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Warning: Rated SPG| Strictly prohibited under 13 years of age| pero kung malilit ka go ng go parang globe konsensya mo na rin yan| Enjoy Reading Thatcher Vance Ximenez known for being one of the hottest male model in town also he is Cad's rival when it comes to the number of girls they used to bed. He easily get what he wants from expensive sports cars, branded clothes and everything especially girls. He also used to live a life in front of the lens of a camera despite of having wealth from his business he can't leave his passion for being a model. Serra Felice Calzada known for being nah. She's not famous or what. She is just a senior photographer and works for a magazine. She's also being called manang by her friends because of her sense of fashion; she used to believe that she is just behind the lens of a camera so she said to herself why she would bother wear fancy clothes like the models in photoshoots? Thatcher and Serra living a two different worlds the one is being an extrovert and the other one is an introvert. The one who loves to be in front of flashing cameras and the one who is behind the camera. They are always contadictory to each other but time will come there paths will meet and it will be the start of their PORNEBER. Wala po sa tamang format ang pagkakasulat nito kaya medyo may kaguluhan po. Kayo na lamang po ang humusga. Comments about the story itself is really appreciated even if it is positive or negative.

Chapter 1

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by JellyAcecake