Frozen (Loki Fan Fi...
By artifices101
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Aria Wilson has remarkable powers... she just doesn't know it. Aria is a troubled girl with a hard past. She is and has always been obsessed with Norse Mythology; as were her close friends Jane and Darcy, but when her younger sister and last living relative dies mysteriously she is blinded by hate for life itself and falls deep into a depression. As a last resort she is sent to Asgard in hopes of returning to her old self. It is there where she finds passion, pain, love, betrayal, lies and truth. Loki resents his family, and hates everyone. He wishes he would've been put to the axe not simply stuck in prison for a few years. With his heart set in stone he believes he is alone in this world. Until a girl catches his eye. A girl with a broken past that is just as shattered as his. There are constant flames erupting inside Aria, but playing with fire just leaves you burnt. *Mature Content*

Frozen (Loki Fan Fic)

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Frozen (L...
by artifices101