The Billion Dollar...
By SheilaAuthor
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He stepped toward her, lifted her chin in his hand and opened his mouth, but words wouldn't come out. "Connor..." "You could have been wearing something a lot similar to this while reciting your vows to Stephen." He wanted to sew his mouth shut when he saw the look of horror on her face. He had said something terribly wrong. "I forgot for a moment that you two are just friends and he gave you up because I love you so damn much." The dress was suddenly too much to bear. It weighed heavy on her, and the tiara on her head had her scalp crawling with beads of sweat. The lace on the gown made her entire body itch while the blinding white material burned her eyes to tears. "Get this off of me," she cried, desperately reaching for the zipper. A white dress and a jealous boyfriend were not included when she joined the agency.

Chapter 1

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The Billi...
by SheilaAuthor