His Fair Assassin...
By AnimeLoveLMAO
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Amber is a 12 year old girl who never knew her real family. She was abused, and mistreated by her step parents, causing her to be isolated, untrusting of others and simply a cold hearted person. With nothing to comfort her but her favorite show, 'Naruto.' This continues till she decides to escape her step parent's torture and runs away. As she searches for a place to stay she stumbles upon a lake, that mirrors the sky. As fate would have it she ends up falling into the Naruto world! She discovers secrets of her past and even FUTURE, and meets new- but not so unfamiliar -people, along the way to help her. Is it possible she's found a new home, as well? Can she learn to trust, and allow people into her heart again? Or will she may well be the very demise of the village?


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His Fair...
by AnimeLoveLMAO