His Bodyguard | SAM...
By nuggety_nugget
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SAMPLE You can find the link in my bio for full book. "They are undercover and are here for your protection." "What? Are you crazy? I don't need protection. And these two bulls undercover?" I said pointing towards the bulky men. "There's nothing undercover with them following me around." "Oh no you got it wrong. They are not following you around. They are here for information and delivering your bodyguard." "What do you mean by delivering my bodyguard?" Now I am totally confused. "Giara here is your bodyguard." He said patting that brunette's back. "WHAT?!!??!?" •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• This is a story about two different people, leading different life, brought together.A girl who never had a normal life. And a boy who never had a such complicated life before. Follow the journey of Giara Edwards and Jay Olsen's life and see where it leads them to. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What's hot in action : Rank - 1st on 4th December 2017

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His Bodyg...
by nuggety_nugget