Promises That We wi...
By sinha_m
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Two people came together and became one. They started their life with some Promises, which make their life a beautiful journey. They are two different persons but they know that they are incomplete without each other. Their completeness belongs to each other. They are going to share a beautiful life with the help of their Promises, which they made. The Promises are those that they Will Keep and the same will keep them together. ********* He smiles at me and gives me light hug, while murmuring "this girls are too much" I giggle at his words and see the girls are now glaring at me, so I hug him tightly showing my claim on this handsome man. He opens the car's door for me, then he clasps my seat belt, when I'm sitting inside the car, that time I see girls are ogling at his back view, god nowadays girls are totally shameless as well as hopeless. I glare at them but they are not paying attention to me so they don't see my glare, which raised my anger more. I don't have any idea what comes on me, I cup Kabir's cheeks with both my hands and kiss him. #1 in arrangedmarriage 18.12.2022 #1 in MBA many times #1 in childhoodsweethearts 20.02.2022 #1 in Yourstoryindia 24.08.2021 #1 in Wattapadindia 18.12.2022 #3 in Romance on 06.02.2021 #2 in Indian on 18.12.2022 #9 in Care on 15.02.2021 #1 in Jealousy on 24.08.2022 #1 in innocent on 18.12.2022 Please give it a try. I'm sure you will love it, it's all not an unwanted marriage story. It is. Unlike our hero, he is not an arrogant jerk or player; he is a guy with whom everybody is going to fall in love and our heroine is innocent, fiery, childish, and responsible. sounds confusing? yeah she is confusing and confused. P.S - Starting chapters are boring just stick to it till 7-8chp after that you will surely love the story.

Promises That We Will Keep

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by sinha_m