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"I live in a place called Compound 4. We are one of ten different compounds placed at strategic locations around the US. It's been thirteen years since the virus overtook humanity, turning about ninety percent of us into zombies. I'm not sure how it started exactly; that's classified information. I do know that in order to save what was left of the human race, the president at the time took a bunch of really smart people and kids and relocated them into new 'protected' cities. My father was one of those really smart people. I was only five at the time, but I knew what was happening." Within the walls of the compound, Jay makes stupid mistakes, mistakes even she doesn't understand, putting everyone inside at risk. All because she can't shoot someone. All because she misses the wind in her hair, the flowers on the hillsides, the sound of crickets at night. All because she's different, the only person untouchable by the Virus. When the mistakes begin to duplicate, and a girl shows up who knows her name, everything begins to change in Compound 4. Highest rank in Science Fiction: #9

The Wall

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by AmyJohnson895