The Muslim Cinderel...
By miss_book_obessed
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Tasneem is a 17 years old girl with a good family, a best friend and a life considered as 'okay' and she is practically living her life, trying to get past the teenage years. But one day she hears that there would be a masquerade, and one of Tasneem's wishes in life was to experience and go to a masquerade. She knew it was haram, being the pious and practicing girl she was, but what happens when her best friend, who turns out to be a total different person than she assumed, drags her towards the party? What was the consequences? Was it worth it to listen to the devil, lie to her parents and then getting a photo of herself spread over the entire online world? Follow Tasneem on her own roller coaster through the hardest time of her life, when she gets home with only one shoe on.

Chapter 1

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The Musli...
by miss_book_obessed