Dimensional Rift ||...
By CosmicNebula99
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It had all been an accident. One minute Arachnid was racing her new jet against her speedster friend when all of a sudden a strange sparkling blue breach opened up and swallowed them. Waking up in a new... world... the daughter the Black Widow must figure out how to return her and her friend home. But when they have a run-in with that world's version of the Avengers and Young Avengers known as the Justice League and Young Justice, Arachnid must learn to trust them in order to achieve the goal she wishes. However, that becomes difficult when pasts come to play and new feelings and love is found amongst the strange team of teenagers. And it's not only herself, but it also seems Quicksilver's daughter has taken a fancy towards a certain redheaded speedster. With things more difficult than before, will the girls find a way home? Better question; will they want to return home?

Young Justice s1: Arachnid

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by CosmicNebula99