The Boss's Toy Secr...
By Stjthan
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Jameson is a nobody. He doesn't have much of a social life or a love life. He basically stays at home and listens to music all day following his breakup with his ex. Getting drunk one night, his friends encourage (force really) him to download Tinder to see if he'll have any luck. He and his friends decide to go to the 'men looking for men' section of Tinder. He goes on a date with a guy he can admit is an attractive guy, and it goes horribly wrong. Waking up hung-over, Jameson's parent tell him to get a job or he'll be cut off. He goes to his first job interview in a few months only to find that the guy who is interviewing him is THE GUY FROM TINDER. Will he get the job? Will he be able to survive being hit on by his boss when he's 'straight'? And why does he get hard every time Shane says anything resembling sex?

Prologue (Jameson)

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The Boss'...
by Stjthan