Fallen For Him (Edi...
By AprilNSerenity
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CHIKLIT/ROMANCE "BULL! You still love that useless prick!" "Harley!" I cry, "It's not him that I want! I lo-" He punches the wall, forcing my favorite memory to shatter across the floor, "I'm going to kill him!" Haunted by her memories, Liana Walsh finds the strength to live a normal life with her best friend Harley Stones closely by her side. Harley had been there for her through thick and thin. She had fallen for him. Hard. Unfortunately, he never truly returned the same affection. For he has one flaw holding back their relationship - he says he is gay. She gradually accepted this and moved on with her life until the night she runs into her ex-boyfriend James. The mere mention of his name brings out a dark side within Harley. Harley disappears, forcing Liana to relive every single memory and true feeling she has ever had for him. #1st Place Flower Awards #2nd Place The Butterfly Awards 2017 #3rd Place The Sanguine Awards #3rd Place The Freedom Awards #3rd Place The Dream Catcher Awards Best Cover Tattoo Awards #3rd Place Jo Awards 2017

~ Prologue ~

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Fallen Fo...
by AprilNSerenity