Once When I Was A V...
By NightRose154
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(Complete) A story of family loyalty and forbidden love. Mary Evergrove is a Vampire Princess, part of a hidden society of Royal vampires and the King's only daughter. She lives a life of luxury but it's threaten by the Hunters. One day Mary comes face to face with a deadly Vampire Hunter, Harvey Weston. When they meet sparks fly and they soon become tangled up in a deadly game of secret desire. As they become close Mary and Harvey discover more about each other's worlds including a dark family secret that could bring down the whole royal family. The vampires are out for blood, but this time the Hunters want it too and they will do anything to see the fall of the Royal Evergrove Clan. Hot List number 35 - 5/12/2017

Once When I Was A Vampire - Introduction

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Once When...
by NightRose154