Chaotic Shadows and...
By StarkillerCaz
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Descriptions for the book will be the introductions in the chapters. Book One is Kelsea's beginning, and book two is her after-story. If you loved Sons of Anarchy, you will enjoy this book. Contains vulgar topics, death, in-detail torture scenes, instances of violence towards self and others. If you DO NOT like reading those kinds of stories, THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR YOU. ALL COMPLAINTS/WHINING ABOUT CERTAIN TOPICS WILL BE DELETED!!! This book is not for those categorized as "faint of heart". The only warning that is given is at the beginning of chapters if it is a very descriptive* chapter. There are NO PRIVATE AND OR CLEAN chapters. It is all raw and uncut. ***THIS STORY GOES ON HOLD IN NOVEMBER. *** I will be at boot camp in February 2020, then my MOS Tech School two weeks after I finish up for 24-48 weeks. PLEASE DO NOT BEG ABOUT UPDATES AS I WILL NOT HAVE ACCESS TO A PHONE OR COMPUTER FOR 8.5 WEEKS.


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Chaotic S...
by StarkillerCaz