A Ballot of the Wol...
By threeandthirteen
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Set in a slightly AU of the popular show Vikings, it focusses on Ragnar's second oldest and heir to Kattegat, Ubbe Lothbrok. Spending his life growing up as the surrogate parent to his brothers, Ubbe finds himself at a lost when those young boys he always thought he'd be taking care of find their own righteous paths in viking history. With each boy finding his future Ubbe is placid about what he will do in life until a mysterious woman, claiming to be mercenary hired by Queen Aslaug herself, shows up full of arrogance and working for something his own mother seems to be omitting. A story about how Ubbe discovers himself dislodged from what he thought he would always know, this violent coy woman helps Ubbe find the game of cat and mouse in which the strong prince didn't ever think he'd become the mouse.

Archer Mastery

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A Ballot...
by threeandthirteen