Royally Mated
By Taliii__
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#14 Werewolf┊A small, seductive grin overcomes his face, as he leans in closer towards me. I feel his breath on my neck, causing me to still in his arms. "You see this?" He whispers in my ear, as he runs his finger along the bite mark, causing a ripple of desire to flash through my body, "It's my mark you'll bare. My mark that makes you mine-now and forever mine." ━ Do you remember those haunting tales your parents would tell you, about the beast that would roam the forest on the full moon in search for the girl in the red cape, so he could eat her up? I always thought it was just folklore, a myth, a simple fairy tale. Never did I think I'd be the one in the red cape, and the beast would be searching for me. Not to mention, a beast who wants to eat me in a way different than the tales. My soul mate. EXTENDED SYNOPSIS INSIDE!! ━ Copyright Taliii__ •started January 26th 2017• •highest rank in Werewolf-#14 28/05/17• •beautiful cover by the lovely @calloipe•

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Royally M...
by Taliii__