Independent Woman
By naivevegas
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Sang isn't a fifteen-year-old cowering at the hands of her stepmother. She's on her own. Eighteen and living in a house her father bribed her with alongside two faithful dogs, she's been paving her own way since the payout a year ago. When Marie died in a car accident, her mother was hospitalized and her father remarried. Sang was left with a house on Sunnyvale Court, another two years in high school, and no friends to speak of. She's made it just fine on her own and she's not apologizing for existing anymore. Meeting nine new guys right before her senior year at Ashley Waters is an odd coincidence that shakes her foundation and causes her to reevaluate what matters to her. After all, she didn't need friends then, she doesn't need friends now. Right?

Sean, Owen & A Girl With A Sprained Ankle

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by naivevegas