The Heartbreak Expr...
By ii-starrydreams-ii
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Tell me, have you ever been in a relationship where you feel trapped? Or perhaps, aching to break free from? Well, you've come to the right place! We, The Heartbreak Express, have our excellent staff on standby, all of it takes is one simple phone call! •••••• "E-erm.. hello?" "Hello sir! How may I be of your service?" "This is the right number? I swear to god if I dialled this wr-" "Sir, if you're looking for The Heartbreak Express, then yes you've reached the right number." "Please don't call me sir.. it's uncomfortable." "What should I call you then?" "Dan. Dan Howell. And I uh.. need your help with something." "Well, si- Dan, what may I help you with?" "I need you.." "Dan?" "I need you to break up with my girlfriend." •••••• Sparks fly Feelings are exposed Drama hits Will these two young people be able to survive the hardships? Or will it all come tumbling down?

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The Heart...
by ii-starrydreams-ii