Silver Blades: A Du...
By Marc_Morrell
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{Highest #12 Adventure} When legendary Tilwen swordsman, Riposte Clasicant, finds himself dueling to defend his actions toward a woman he doesn't love, he discovers her fiancé is a bigger monster than he is. In Silver Blades novellas, we follow the adventures of Rip Clasicant, who has neglected both duty and honor in recent decades. His life of debauchery often rubs society the wrong way, and just as often it pushes back. Only his superior skill with a blade has kept him alive thus far. Pertuli, his sarcastic but well-meaning sidekick, has his doubts about how much longer his friend's fortune will last. NOTE: Part 2 contains a single string of bad language. If you are offended, please scan past that one line and continue. No more, I promise. Comments left for "A Duel Nature": ---- "Some of the best banter I've read on Wattpad, hands down." - @OctaviaLocke ---- "Musketeers meets LotR" - @NicholasCasale ---- "The kind of rare tale that makes Wattpad worth sifting through." - @Arveliot ---- "That first chapter is amazing." - @Simbaet7 ---- "One hell of an ending!" - @KellyJBurke ---- "So well written and funny as hell." - @DragonGirl_97 ---- "These characters are legendary." - @Burnedoubt ---- "Conan Doyle's partnerships mixed with the glory of all things ruffian." - @Letusfallup ---- "Love love love. The author's use of language is astounding." - Kat J. ---- "Worthy of its often-high ranking in the adventure genre." - @EmiliaGlasse ---- "An epic tale for bards to sing." - @Stormwulf ---- "Bravo! Encore! Easily one of my favorite stories on Wattpad." - @ReadmyVoice ---- "Utterly fantastic and overall very skittle deserving in every way." - @shesjustawallflower ---- "Can't believe you wrote Rip vs. Godzilla. Props." - @RedToadMedia ---- "Better than Nescafé." - @EvelynHail ----

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Silver Bl...
by Marc_Morrell