By Radifrah
  • Mystery / Thriller
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Tank Millers is a mechanic who is passionate about his day job of being a mechanic. He has been in the mechanical field for three years, so one day a new client comes to him for help claiming he has crashed into a tree which is the reason his tires are blown out. With the inspection of the car, Tank finds it hard to believe what the client is saying and does not buy what is being said. Tank finds that the client's brakes have been slashed using a knife with the brakes cut the tire as well out. The client realizes that Tank is on to him and with the help of his girlfriend beats Tank up, locking him in a foreign warehouse. With nowhere to escape, Tank meets a foreign visitor who promises to help him escape but with one request. Tank agrees to fulfil this request but does not realize this could cost him his life, making Tank wish he has never met this strange being. With stakes high, Tank does everything in his power to flee this ambush, but his visitor has other plans for him. Ifrah Hirey © 2019 🌻

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by Radifrah