Welcome to Baker St...
By OfficialSherlock221B
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Emilia Watson was in search of her brother, Dr. Watson, but found much more. She was a simple woman from the looks of it, but she held many more surprising secrets than even John knew about. Sherlock Holmes only cared about one thing, his work. Swearing off sentiment, he attempts to rely on his intellect above all else. When Emilia comes around and joins the game, things begin to change. How long can the famous detective keep up his non-feeling shield? Will they realise their unusual situation before it's too late? "Was that a compliment, Mr. Holmes?" "Yes... Yes, I suppose it was. Clever." *Mild language and dark themes* *Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Sherlock characters, plots, or lines. BBC and the show creators do. I only own my character Emilia. Nobody may copy my work without permission from me, the author of this story. Again, I do not own Sherlock or the plots, nor the scripture inside of the show. This does include show spoilers, so read at your own risk.*

1. I'm a Watson

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Welcome t...
by OfficialSherlock221B