Eva & Her Strik...
By HayleyDooley
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**TWICE FEATURED ON THE WATTPAD EDITORS CHOICE LIST** **Romance Category WINNER-Community Hub Awards** **Ranked #678 out of 290,000 books in the romance category 31/1/2019** Have you ever felt your heart beat so fast, that you thought it would burst through your chest? I did... the day I met him. Eva: My younger sister's diagnosis with autism drove my career choices. Thanks to college and hard work, I loved my job as an Autism Specialist Teaching Assistant at the school my sister attended. Making a difference in the children's lives was all that mattered to me, along with my family and best friend, Amber. Until I bumped into him, the special guest coming to talk to the children. With his gorgeous face and sexy Irish lilt, he made my heart pound in a way I'd never experienced before, and I knew I'd never be the same again. Justin: Being signed to a top English club had been my goal since, well, birth. But the move required leaving Ireland behind to start a new life in Liverpool... which would be simple if I didn't have to move my parents and younger brother, Brandon, with me. We'd found him a place in a top special needs school, and I was looking forward to visiting with the rest of the team to check the place out. Of all the things I expected to find there, it definitely wasn't her. All gorgeous smile and mesmerising eyes that made my heart race as if I'd just ran twenty lengths of the pitch. But when Eva falls victim to a ghost from her parents past and ends up in danger, will Justin be able to save her before the final whistle blows, or will it be too late? Cover Design by Sofie Hartley @ Hart & Bailey Designs Co. **Please don't read if you don't like the use of excessive swear words** **ideal for 18+ readers**

Chapter One

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Eva &...
by HayleyDooley