A Simple Melody
By imperfectdreamer
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Failing in an audition is devastating, and no one understands that more than Destiny Lockheart. When Destiny enters Dream Arts, a college for Performing Arts, the self-conscious eighteen year-old will have to face her weaknesses dead in the eye. Will she allow her failures to stop her from reaching her full potential? Although he is popular, the words proud, cocky and vain do not describe Train Tanner, a talented and gifted guitarist who met the fate of losing his family in a car accident. With overloaded secrets, wounds and scars, how will Train ever have faith again? How will he overcome his fear of losing the ones he love? Two different people, one heartbeat, one destiny. Could music just be the answer they have been looking for? © 2011-2012 imperfectdreamer. All rights reserved. | Thank you for reading! :D

Author's Note (2016)

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A Simple...
by imperfectdreamer