You Belong With Me...
By MyOwnWorld13
  • Teen Fiction
  • bestfriend
  • complications
  • crush
  • highschool
  • jealousy
  • love


Author's note: Before you read this, I just want to let you all know that I have grown up now and I am no longer the same stupid teenager who wrote this with some of the offensive jokes and comments that you may see in here. Clearly, I was still very naive and lacked awareness. I implore you to please read with caution and at your own risk. Some statements will be offensive and I truly apologize (I literally died from cringe when I read this again). I will not delete this seeing as there are still numerous people who choose to read and enjoy it (surprisingly) but I trust that you know better and what is right. ________________ Penelope Myers a.k.a. Pel is one of the teenagers you could describe as a nerd, shy, timid and weird. Even though a lot of people don't like her, this couldn't stop her feelings grow for Jay Richards, the most popular guy in their school. She would do anything just to get him. But when Jay and Kate Jenkins (the meanest, most popular cheerleader in school) started dating, her heart was immediately shattered into a million pieces. She knew she couldn't beat Kate since she was a bully, perfect, popular and most of all possessive. She could be scary. Daniel Harper a.k.a. Danny is one of Pel's best friends. He was as nerdy as her and a bit shy too. He knew about her feelings for this Jay guy and he didn't like it at all. You see, he had a secret crush on Pel since they first met and no one knew it except him. But when he saw how sad and desperate Pel was after finding out Jay and Kate's relationship, he decided to help her get him anyway. He only wanted her happiness after all. But can Danny change Pel's mind along the way and be his instead? This story is a simple teen love romance that you would definitely want to read. It includes humor, heartbreak, best friends, crushes and most of all true love. It's cliche as it could get. But hey, life is one big cliche too right? (Trailer on the side)

Chapter 1

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You Belon...
by MyOwnWorld13