Paul Lahote Imprint...
By This_Chick_2000
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Authors Note: I wrote this when I was really young and it isn't the best. You have been warned! -------------------------- Avery Swan, three years younger sister of Isabella/Bella Swan, youngest daughter of Renee and Charlie. Avery is very smart and witty, but unlike her sister she decided to leave the Cullens alone and when Jake stopped talking to them both avery focused on hanging with Quil and studying. Avery never had a boyfriend, never thought about dating the stupid boys she met, she simply just wanted to be friends. Bella has a temper from time-to-time, but Avery doesn't. She never gets angry, just upset. She's calm, cool, and collected. That's how she's always been described. Paul Lahote, a temperamental Quileutae shapeshifter/werewolf. He doesn't want to imprint, he was a player before he shifted, and he just hates vampires. What happens when Paul meets Avery and imprints on her? What does Bella say when she finds out about this? What does the future hold for Avery and Paul, complete opposites.

Ch. 1

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Paul Laho...
by This_Chick_2000