Pause (Completed, P...
By CJ_Adler
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#1 Humor P A U S E 'Moments of hesitation make us human.' ~ Aqueela Lawson 'Moments of hesitation make us weak.' ~ Jay Taylor *~**~* Aqueela, a dreamer and comedian at heart, has just one joyous vision - to transform lives through the mere power of friendship, friendships so solid that they last a lifetime. However, Jay, pessimistic by nature, is convinced that friends are overrated, and that Aqueela is nothing short of a whackjob with an idealistic perspective on the world. It would seem that he wants nothing to do with her. Nonetheless, blood isn't always thicker than water. Friends can become your family. And so as one after the other begin to share in Aqueela's vision, Jay has no choice but to bend his own views in order to see the world through her eyes. Join Aqueela, and said family, on many adventures that are bound to leave you laughing, gasping for breath, as they discover the true meaning of friendship together in one single pause on life.


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Pause (Co...
by CJ_Adler