My Cute Mate [werew...
By ReaPxKinG
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†Warning† - This story contains explicit sexual content, hurt, and slight trigger. If you don't like it, then don't read this story. [Notice: Finals is nearing, won't be able to work on this story. I will be active once again after finals! Sorry! :/] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meet Mace Donnell. He's a cute teenager at the age of 17. He has transferred to different schools during his freshmen and sophomore years due to financial instability. Now, his parents have settled in a friendly City of Bluelake. Xavier Smith, a 17 year old teenager that came back after a year of training at the alpha academy. Now, he has returned to his hometown, Bluelake. Now he's on the hunt for his mate at a local high school. The two have met with a promising start, but secrets are yet to be revealed and prophecies yet to be told. The two will struggle through dangers following in the shadows and the unknown. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- †Note† - If for some reasons you can't read any of the chapters, it may have turned private. You may have to follow me in order to read them.

Chapter 1 - Love at first sight

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My Cute M...
by ReaPxKinG