Not Alone After All
By MrStarkIDntFeelSoGud
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(previously called the Daughter of the Potters) When Lily Potter was killed by the One-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, she was eight months pregnant of a little girl. That night, before Severus's arrival, someone else had been there: Mooney, James old friend. Remus was able to use magic to give birth to the kid (dont ask me how...), and caring for her during her first years of life. Her name... Laurie. No, that's was her nickname. Her real name was Laura. When she turned five, Remus couldn't take care of her anymore, because he was too scared. The girl knew about his lycanthropy, but had never actually seen him transform. He was scared of hurting her. So, he sent her to a muggle family. It was a kind couple who already had a muggle-born wizard son, so they were happy to welcome her. When she turned eleven, she received a letter from the Hogwarts school, inviting her to study at the school. Dumbledore and Remus were the only ones to know about that girl being the daughter of James and Lily Potter. This is the Story of Laura Potter. (The first 3 or 4 chapters are shit, I wrote them a long time ago, but the rest are reasonable, so bare with me)

Chapter I

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Not Alone...
by MrStarkIDntFeelSoGud