Truce (A Dramione F...
By BVCWriter
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Set After the Battle at Hogwarts. EXCERPT: "You were lonely," Hermione realized. When she said, Draco's shoulders slumped, as if he carried a great weight on them. "Yes," he said in resignation. "It is incredibly lonely to be Draco Malfoy, and it is your...closeness, your friendship, that I shall always be jealous of." Hermione edged closer to him, "We're friends now," she said. Were they? Hermione didn't know what they were. Two people bound together by a mutual restlessness. "Is that what we are?" Draco inquired with amusement. "We're having a civil conversation so I assume that's what we are. Draco studied her. His expression no longer held its death-like blankness. He looked thoughtful. Then he stuck a pale hand out, "Hello, my name is Malfoy, Draco Malfoy." Hermione laughed, "Hermione Granger," she said, taking his hand. Draco folded his hand around his hers and shook it. Hermione stared at their clasped hands, "What is this, Draco?" she asked. Draco met her eyes, "A fresh start."

ONE: Nightmares

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Truce (A...
by BVCWriter