X-MEN: Entropy
By HolmesSisters
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E N T R O P Y// ~lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder. Erik Lencherr and Charles Xavier, two men with burning ambitions to change the world. Often clashing, their ideals brought them into great conflict and even war that threatened to tear apart the fabric of reality. Peace. The desire of each has finally come to pass. Both mutants and humans are existing in a steady tolerance of each other. Neither one wanting to spark war. Separated, and angered both men follow different paths until they are forced to collide in a flurried attempt to save the world from the most dangerous of villains who would seek to disrupt the balance and bring about chaos to the world. Their children. ~Lovely cover by @BananaBam03

Author's Note

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X-MEN: En...
by HolmesSisters