The Notorious CEO
By masifabukhari
  • Romance
  • abandoned
  • abusiverelationship
  • billionaire
  • corporate
  • heartbreak
  • hellhole
  • love
  • millionaire
  • misunderstood
  • possessive
  • realization
  • romance
  • trust


[Highest Ranking 1st Realization] [Highest Ranking 1st Corporate] [Highest Ranking 1st Hellhole] Adrian Oswald, a 27 year old CEO of Oswald Enterprises, he is young, exceptionally attractive, unique in his own way and super sexy. Women throw themselves at him. He is a well-known player. He gets what he wants. Notorious for his ways all over the world, his presence is enough to make blood drain from his rival's face. No one dares to cross him. Anyone in their right minds wouldn't even think of it. Jane Edwards, a 24 year old New Yorker, who wanted to enjoy her life to the highest degree but, fate had other plans. Her parent's death in a plane crash lost her everything, her dreams, happiness and innocence. Gone was the girl who loved life. She was now replaced by a mirror image of her, which may look exactly like her but was the complete opposite. She then decided to be strong, put a fa├žade around her and never let anyone in. For her, love was nothing but pain that may give you happiness temporarily but in the long run it was nothing but agonizing memories. So when she starts working for Oswald industries, her world turns upside down. See what happens when they both cross paths.

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The Notor...
by masifabukhari