By Lady_Lucia
  • Fantasy
  • action
  • ancient
  • banshee
  • betrayal
  • blood
  • castle
  • death
  • dragons
  • fairie
  • giants
  • gods
  • kingdom
  • magic
  • magus
  • mythical
  • necromancer
  • rhokin
  • romance
  • wizard


The Kingdom of Dracarr is scarred. Over three decades ago, hordes of magickal beasts known as Magus invaded the land. All was thought lost until a powerful wizard appeared. He created Rhokin: living dolls with powerful magick but also emotions. Though the Rhokin triumphed against the Magus, the creatures' threats have not abated. Now, the Rhokin are a permanent addition to the Dracarr Guard, but Guard member Sianna Rayoss places no trust in these soulless dolls. However, when her promotion partners her with one, she accepts him and her transfer to the Citadel in quiet anger. Her new routine is soon broken, though, when she stumbles into the savior wizard's mysterious quarters. He appoints Sianna on a journey to retrieve an item that will hopefully destroy the Magus threat in its entirety. She doesn't understand why she is given this task but has no choice to accept it. Accompanied by unlikely but familiar faces-and more Rhokin than she'd care for-Sianna enters the world of Ayodite, the birthplace of raw magick, powerful beasts, and dragon gods. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ▶▶▶Scenes involving gore, sexual content, and strong language will be present in this story.◀◀◀


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by Lady_Lucia