The Reign of the Ho...
By Damienrocks118
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January 1st: Tranquillization January 10th: Inauguration January 25: Execution February 1st: Tranquillization February 10th: Inauguration February 25th: Execution After the U.S. Government was taken over by a Medical Megacorporation known as Lycanthrope Corp., a new U.S. Department was created: The U.S. Department of Hourglass services. Every month, the Department takes a large group of people and tranquilizes them, using darts with a special serum in them. Later, at midnight, the exact time when the tranquilized victims wake up, they become werewolves. They are then released into the U.S. by the Department, allowing them to maul every innocent soul they find. At the 25th of that month, the end of the event, the werewolves are taken away, by the Megacorporation's enforcers, back to the Department, where they will be executed. Then, the survivors live on with their lives....until next month. This is an event known as "The Hourglass". Peter Unum, a city boy from Brooklyn, has been telling his unofficially adopted brother about seeing a strange figure running through the woods before the night of The Hourglass. He didn't believe him, so he snuck out of his house to find whoever is in the woods...the morning of the inauguration of The Hourglass. Peter, his brother, sister, love interest, a bully and his friend find themselves trapped in their gated neighborhood packed with werewolves and in a deadly fight to seek shelter. Should they seek shelter? Or let themselves perish? This is book 1 in a series.

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The Reign...
by Damienrocks118