If You Leave {Jacob...
By -alurehoemora-
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Alicia Rivera is the cousin of Bella Swan. Alicia's parents Len and Nadia thought she shouldn't be as spoiled, so they send her to live with her father's step-brother and his daughter Bella Swan. Alicia didn't really think her parents were serious, until her plane was landing in some unknown town called Forks, Washington. Bella was a junior and Alicia was a sophomore. So was this guy Jacob Black. Jacob talked to Bella, but Alicia a bit more. They started going out a bit, but when Bella's supernatural freak of a boyfriend left town, Bella started hanging with Jacob, and Jacob and Alicia kind of broke it off. Alicia had some shocking news, though. The bloodsucking mind-reader knew and his nice sister Alice saw it in a vision, even though the father was a shape-shifter. Yep, Alicia got pregnant, by Jacob Black, who's "in love" with her cousin Bella Swan. All rights belong to Stephenie Meyer and Lisi Harrison, except my own original characters.

If You Leave (Jacob Black -Twilight- Love Story)

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If You Le...
by -alurehoemora-