A Light Rises in a...
By ResonantOne
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Akiniwazi, is the untamed Land of the Seven Freshwater Seas, where the veil between Heaven and Hell is thin. A place where the Gifts of the Spirit and angels struggle against sorcery and demons and the fate every soul hangs in the balance. Where Viking Forsamling and aboriginal Skaerslinger are trapped by ice and stone in a war they cannot flee in a land of steam and the undead. Reimar, and six other children are sold to the Kyrkja, to save their village from starvation. They are to be escorted to Saint Martin's School by Brother Finn, a disgraced monk, and his dog, Bergamot, who's enemies desire their death. Can Brother Finn protect this precious group of children as they take their perilous journey through the fearsome pinery and across deadly waters where nature itself desires their destruction. Will they be able to run the gauntlet of storms, demons and assassins to arrive safely or will they be victims to the celestial war that rages around them? "A Light Rises in a Dark World" Book One of the Akiniwazi Saga Now available as an Ebook, Paperback and Hardcover! For more news on the Fantasteam world of Akiniwazi or author M. D. Boncher, you can find it here: http://www.akiniwazi.com

1. Winning the Battle, Losing the War

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A Light R...
by ResonantOne