Return to Alasia
By fusic5100
  • Fantasy
  • fantasy
  • magic
  • murder
  • wip
  • ya
  • youngadult


Sariah witnessed her mother's murder at the hands of her father. As she was nine and uncontrollable, no one believed her. Fearing for her safety, a family friend and Sariah's godfather escapes the kingdom with her, dropping her off in another kingdom with another family. Up until now, Alasia was just a bad dream that irked her with the annoying "What If's" and questions on what actually occurred that day. When that family friend comes to check on her, she figures it's just his routine check up. This visit ends with a horrible, twisted order: She has to return to Alasia, and face her murderous father, who very well might silence her too. However, what if her memory has betrayed her? Maybe - Just maybe - her father was innocent. All it takes for the truth to start unraveling is traveling back home to her family's kingdom, where she is touted as the engaged Princess of Alasia.


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