The Five Steps To S...
By ElannaMarie
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"Your persistence in this matter is becoming somewhat irritating," Adira couldn't help but give him a look of slight annoyance. "Why must I smile if you already see my amusement?" The boy before her shook his head determinedly, his mindset of that of a brick wall. "You can't express your feelings fully with just the tilt of your head, Addie." Her eyes narrowed at the use of her nickname, a question wandering on the tip of her tongue as to why he decided to use it. "This is a world where the word 'never' is no longer concrete," she replied back with a toneless retort. He nodded and his eyes wandered about the features of her face, getting entrapped with her glittering green eyes. After a moment of silence, he grinned widely, causing Adira to go into an instant state of weariness. "There is something I want to do, and Adira, it involves five steps. Want to give it a go?" _____ The action of smiling comes naturally to most. A little harder for others, but they are able to do it nonetheless. Except for Adira Blackwood that is. She doesn't smile, period. The mystery only unfolds as Adira is a happy, carefree teenage girl with a loving family. So why doesn't she smile? This is what Nolan Axton decides to find out after spending some time with the walking paradox, a new student who can't seem to keep his attention away from her for long. Follow the story of an unsmiling teenage girl paired with an ever-grinning French Casanova, who creates a five step plan to get the stoic, and seemingly emotionless, Adira Blackwood on her way to a smile.

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The Five...
by ElannaMarie