The Perfect Face ||...
By LittleStarBigGalaxy
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(Oikawa Tooru x reader) Never once in his life has he met someone who was as talented, as intelligent, and as attractive as himself. Nor had he met someone who could easily see through the perfect mask he wore, but you did. The girl with the 'flawless' looks and personality, who everybody knew and adored. No way would he ever fall in love with someone like you, who didn't swoon over his looks and beg for his attention. No way would you ever fall in love with someone like Oikawa, who wore a picture-perfect face to conceal the person underneath. You figured the man behind the flawless appearance was just an empty shell, but boy were you wrong. After all, behind every perfect face is a person with many flaws.

Chapter 1

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The Perfe...
by LittleStarBigGalaxy