Zephyr: The Element...
By tO_x-in
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Man has walked the land for a millenia and alongside them stood the Elements of the Universe. Each person is born blessed by one of the spirits presiding over these elements granting them dominion of these powers. The Zephyr clan has long prided itself in the fact that it has produced members in all elemental factions, a feat unseen by any other family which saw primarily one element per clan. Xyder Zephyr lived a normal childhood, but when the time of his coming of age approaches and he is unable to procure nor display ability over an element, he is shunned by the current leader, his own grandfather, and his position as heir to the head of the clan is siezed and offered up to he whom can prove himself worthy in a tournament which would determine the future of the Zephyr name. Without the ability to wield any power, all seems hopeless for Xyder whom desperately seeks to regain his rightful place; that is, until the truth behind his disability comes forth. Wrapped by the shrouds of conflict; caught between the wrath of the Elemental Clans and unshakable Gods; trapped by love and betrayal; Xyder must unearth the secrets to his past and the world if it is to be saved from the demise of its most troublesome race: Humans. *** Highest Rankings: #6 in Fantasy #7 in ScienceFiction #8 in Adventure #13 in Action #10 in Mystery *** New Chapters Every Tuesday!

0 - History: The Beginning

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Zephyr: T...
by tO_x-in