MaNan SS - Still I...
By PranuKeerthu
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My new story... plz guys whoever are not comfortable with dark stories,stay away... no bashing later... and yeah it's not dark between Manan... *FLASHBACK scenes inspired by a serial..warna toh mein itni cruel nai hu..😊😋* Prologue: Nandini was sleeping on the bed while Manik was staring at her blankly having tears in his eyes. He moved and sat on the couch still staring at her.He just closed his eyes and leaned his head back. "Please...I'm sorrry...please...don't"She started shivering and panicking in her sleep and Manik immediately ran towards her and held her hand. " ur eyes...kuch nahi hua...look at me...I'm's me Manik..." He said rubbing her hand trying to wake her up. She sat suddenly and opened her eyes and examined the surroundings.Manik side hugged her saying "Shhh...chup...kuch nahi hua...u r safe here..." He calmed her down and made her sleep again. After 15 minutes he came out to the balcony and those tears which he was stopping to be strong made it's way out. "How...How can I remove those nightmares Nandu...!!!" He asked himself while wiping his tears. "With ur love..." An answer came from behind. He turned to see the person and it is none other than his best buddy Cabir. "Cabir..." He said slowly. "Ha Manik...she can only be healed by ur love...The love which u left 2 years back..."Cabir answered. Manik again stared at Cabir and at Nandini whose body has all her past MARKS. Manik just closed his eyes helplessly and the traces of his past came in front of his eyes. . . . C-Manik...this is the last day of college man...u won't get the chance to see her again...jao...ab toh bathaa that u love her... Manik looked at him worriedly ,gathered himself and his courage and took his steps towards her... . . . . "I never thought that I'll see her like this...not like this..."He cried his heart out holding Cabir.

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MaNan SS...
by PranuKeerthu