His Blessed Bride
By Asterix21
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Gabriella and Lissa were twin sisters who could not be more different. Gabriella led a blessed life where she could do no wrong and everything always seemed to fall in to place and the universe seemed to be looking out for her. Lissa led a much less charmed life and she could do no right. Her whole life had been a series of mistakes and failures. It was as though she was cursed and the universe was always looking for a way to punish her. Now both sisters are about to meet the men of their dreams and it isn't going to happen in the way either one expects. In this first book: His Blessed Bride Gabriella has tried for years to stop being the perfect daughter and try to be simply normal but it had never worked and then all of a sudden her life comes crashing down around her in a most spectacular fashion. She has always been the sweet, innocent virgin who has barely experienced life but that all changes one night when she finds herself being caught up in the moment and sleeping with her boss. It doesn't take long for Gabriella to regret her actions but it is too late and she discovers that she is pregnant. It is the worst case scenario for her and she realises that rather than simply dent her reputation she has blown it completely. But then she discovers that Blake isn't the man she thought she knew and all of a sudden her life isn't her own anymore. Blake refuses to let his child be born out of wedlock and insists on her marrying him. When she refuses he uses every resource he has to force her in to it. Life for Gabriella has completely changed and she is forced to adapt to her surroundings and accept that her life has to change for the sake of the child growing inside of her. The problem is that Blake has secrets and they might end up harming Gabriella and her unborn child. She has a choice to make and that is whether she can trust Blake and accept her new lifestyle before it is too late.

The Blessed Baby

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His Bless...
by Asterix21