Our Own Ending (Jef...
By aries-shipper
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Some love storys don't have happy endings. Jeffmads ____________________________________ James is a nerd that has anxiety and depression. He doesn't go out much, but have very protective friends. James never thought he would find someone who would return his feelings. ____________________________________ Thomas is a outcast, punk, and is the scariest guy in the school. Rumors are always spreading about him, sometimes murders, drugs, or relationships. Thomas never thought he would meet someone who wasn't scared of him and definitely didn't think it would be the one he'd fallen for. ____________________________________ Here's a slight warning- This book contains sensitive subjects as in suicide, cancer, and self harm. If you are touchy about these subjects or get triggered very easily please don't yell at me because I gave you a warning. If something is highly offensive to you please private message me and I'll remove it. :)

-1- James

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Our Own E...
by aries-shipper