The Essence Of Ere...
By EffervescentHeroes
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•《Book one of the Illusionists Series》• Maya never had any advice for anybody. For one, she hardly knew anything. For another, they couldn't see or hear her, so any practical advice she had about the woes of life were left unheard. And unseen. But on that fateful Thursday, she learnt one very important lesson: Touching things you're not supposed to, can land you in some SERIOUS trouble. Because when you're the subject of a worldwide manhunt for something didn't do, and to top it all off, you're swept into a dangerous world of magic and monsters, life doesn't get any easier- Especially when you make weird friends along the way, and possibly, one VERY dangerous enemy. So here's her advice before you go ahead and do something stupid as well: Don't touch weird artifacts, even if they're "pretty".

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The Esse...
by EffervescentHeroes