Free My Unwilling T...
By story_friend
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" Because of you my inability to trust is no more"! I had tears continually streaming down my face. At that point I felt like a piece of shit for trusting this two faced loser. I could not believe I loved this fool. Words just could not describe the inner pain I was feeling. " Look we could fix this, just give me a second chance". Looking into his green eyes, I could see it lost the sparkle it once had, now its seemed dark and void. This scared me. " No I'm afraid I can't. look at what you have done to me. I'm a wreck Noel!! My heart feels like it has shattered into a million and one tiny little pieces, and I don't think I can ever find the right glue to piece it back together". Noel seemed distant, no expression on his face. He looked at me with a scowl and said "Well I guess its safe to call you a slut". With that he walked out the room and slammed the door, leaving me in an upright fetal position. Suddenly I felt a sharp sensation drastically spreading throughout my body causing me to shake vigorously and scream. Before I had snapped back into reality, It lasted for what felt like an hour. © athaliapatterson


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Free My U...
by story_friend