Food Stamp B!tches...
By TeresaDPatterson
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Jewel, Daphne, Serena, and Jocelyn all depend on government assistance to live. When Jocelyn throws the idea out there that they should start an exotic maid service, they jump on it. The business takes off with a boom and pretty soon, they're no longer depending on the government for anything. Instead, they all have a new set of problems. Jewel's fifteen year old son, Jamal, is smoking marijuana. How can she tell him to stop using drugs when she's addicted to pain pills herself? Daphne's sixteen year old daughter, Shirrel, may be a lesbian. What can she do to help her daughter when she's in denial about her own sexuality? Serena's seventeen year old son could be on his way to becoming a teenaged father. She doesn't know how to connect with the three children she already has. Will having a grandbaby make her change her ways? Jocelyn's twelve year old daughter, Breanna, is sexually active. Has her promiscuous ways rubbed off on her child? These four ladies learn being broke is just a state of mind. What's most valuable and precious are family and true friendships. ----- ***I've had a few people tell me they wouldn't read this book because of the title. I did consider changing it, but I'm still undecided. I'd like to thank everyone, in advance, who take a chance on this book despite the title. You all are truly appreciated and you think outside the box!


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Food Stam...
by TeresaDPatterson