By NephyHart
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Frankenstein's monster and Dracula? Who would have thought it? And in the middle of a zombie apocalypse too. With the bodies stacking higher, and their enemies hot on their tail these two unlikely lovers have their work cut out to survive let alone fall in love. Deep in the heart of zombie infested wasteland Dr Franks builds a secret facility, safe from the eyes of a judgmental society who want his blood. What did he do? Surely it wasn't so bad to cut up a few street kids and butcher some dead bodies . It was in the interests of science after all, and look what he created, a beautiful creature, perfect in every way. When the City discovers the facility they pick up their pitchforks and the whole thing goes up in flames. The monster escapes but his pure, innocent nature is tested again and again by bloodthirsty zombies and so called peaceful villagers. He's slowly going mad, until one day he gets caught outside the village walls at sundown and they wont let him back in. Faced with a hoard of ravenous zombies it seems his fate is sealed. Count Ivan Dracul has been alone for centuries. Hiding out in a place that must be close to the pits of hell, he fortifies his castle against zombies and hides, fearful of his arch enemy Van Helsing who is drawing ever closer. The last thing he wants is another complication, but the beautiful creature he spots one day in the village fascinates him, and when he finds the terrified man alone, facing a hoard of zombies there's only one thing he can do. The brand new monster and the age old vampire are an unlikely combination but fear gradually turn to curiousity, then to friendship...then the monster starts feeling things he's never felt before, and the vampire feels stirring he thought long gone. With Van Helsing closing in, the zombies posing more of a threat than every, there's only one thing they can do - run, But who are they running from? And who are the real monsters?


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by NephyHart