Burnt (A Roy x Ed F...
By Symmetricool
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Burns. Fire is something that Roy Mustang has been forced to grow much too accustom to. He's seen it kill and torture, often by his own hand. He was named a "hero" for the blood the Ishval war placed on his hands, but that isn't enough to ease the guilt that plagues him. The Flame Alchemist still finds a way to carry on his military duties though, moving through his job with an air of arrogance and calmness as he tries to hide how much he is hurting. One other State Alchemist always finds a way to get under his skin though. Equally as over confident as the Colonel himself, Edward Elric has a temper just as flammable to hide the demons of his own past. Their more alike than they care to admit, and could be exactly what the other needs, if only one would drop their pride long enough to admit it.

Chapter 1: Partners

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Burnt (A...
by Symmetricool